Advance Industrial






EXPERIENCE – Our management team has over 40 years of industry experience. Our employees have an average tenure with AIM of over 5 years.


PERSONNEL – AIM employees are carefully screened and interviewed prior to employment. On the job they are clearly identified by uniforms and company photo ID cards.


SUPERVISION – Our team of dedicated supervisors are continually trained in the last the industry has to offer on issues relating to personnel, supplies, uniforms, quality control, technologies and client relations.


MANAGEMENT – Our seasoned management team works directly with clients in developing and administering a clean9ing regimen that well exceed your needs.


INSURANCE – AIM carries general, automobile, worker’s compensation, employer’s liability and other insurance to protect our clients, our employees and our company.


EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES – AIM uses only the state of the art equipment and supplies to service our client’s buildings. We will not cut corners in the quality of our service or the products we utilize.


TRAINING – All levels of our employees, from cleaning staff to executive management receive constant training – both in the classroom and on-the-job in order to continually support and improve the quality of our services.


QUALITY ASSURANCE – AIM incorporates an aggressive continuous improvement program in the very fabric of our company. Every member of our company takes responsibility for the quality of their work and of those around them. Periodic inspections are conduct to track our success and evaluate areas of improvement.